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Jesus loves you


Historically, God has met men on mountains – royal mountains. Mount Royal Ministry (MRM) draws upon the biblical portrait of mountains as the divinely created high places where God meets men. Old Testament examples include Mount Moriah where God revealed Himself to Abraham, and on Mount Sinai where God spoke to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments. New Testament examples include the "high mountain" of Jesus's transfiguration and the high ground where Jesus delivered His Sermon on the Mount. Most importantly is  Mount Zion, the site of Jerusalem - the city of God - and adjacent Calvary, where Jesus died for man’s sins. Mountains abound in scripture and MRM proclaims its name as a ministry promulgating the concept of God meeting man.

Advance the Kingdom of God and Spread the Gospel

MRM achieves these goals directly through preaching and teaching, and indirectly through consulting services enabling churches to enhance their areas of ministry.

Our Mission


Need to change this area to reflect an area relevant to MRM - unless of course you wish to include performing marriages as one of your services.


Preaching ministry

Bible study


Consulting services

Latest News

Check out pictures of our recent mission to Nepal​


Women’s bible reading Wednesday after services​

Relief Fund

Please show your support and donate to our Love the World fund.

This Week's Sermon

This week our minister talked about the overloading of information. In a time when anything and everything is just a click away how do we take a step back and focus on the principles of our faith?

While exploring the question of “What would Jesus do?” in today’s media crazed world, the minister also reflects on the changing state of family and community over the past few decades.

If you didn’t manage to make one of the services this week, you can listen to our Sunday and Wednesday sermons via our podcast.

You can also check out our YouTube channel for videos

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